A huge balance patch has been implemented into Dota 2 Test today and is expected to hit the main client soon. While these updates are going to have a big impact both casual and competitive Dota, 6.79 is also special from a historic point of view: It’s the first version of the game to be added into Valve’s game without being released as a Warcraft III map in advance.

重大平衡性补丁今天已经被加到Dota 2 Test,并且期望很快能进入主客户端。6.79的改动对休闲和竞技玩家都有重大影响,并且有另一个重大历史意义:这是首个没有先被加入Dota1而直接加到Valve公司游戏中的版本

Buyback nerfed, XP and Gold distribution reworked

### 买活被削弱,经验和金钱重做

While most heroes have to face small or large updates, several general changes stand out. Buyback got nerfed heavily in two ways: Players cannot farm gold form creeps right after buying back and the next death will last longer. Also significant are multiple small buffs to -especially ranged - offlaners (higher XP AoE, closer to the tower at the beginning, XP from enemy pulls), while jungling is not as effective anymore due to lower XP gain from neutrals.


Roshan’s respawn time is now random (8-11 minutes), and his aegis gives a heal, when it expires. Gold distribution has slightly been adjusted in various ways. Furthermore the barracks have been rebalanced: The ranged rax have no regeneration anymore, while the meelee rax have more. This might have an influence on the focus priority while pushing.


Drastic balance changes

### 碉堡的平衡性改动

Most notable among the hero changes are the reworks on four heroes: Axe might turn into a killsteal-machine, Bloodseeker can gain over 1000 MS, Broodmother can move freely with her webs, and Slark has an invisibility you can’t counter. The strength of these heroes is hard to estimate right now - Brood and Slark have temporarily been removed from Captains Mode as a consequence. Lich’s new Sacrifice and Brewmaster’s adjusted ultimate will also be interesting to observe. And Pudge (as well as Venge) can finally use blink dagger now.


On top of that the arguably strongest heroes got well deserved nerfs: Io (no stun on tether), Batrider (reduction of base damage and Lasso cast range), Alchemist (no bonus HP from the ultimate), Treant (higher cooldown and manacost for Living Armor), and Visage (lower armor and magic resistance) are slightly weaker now. The most buffed category (ignoring the heavily reworked heroes like Axe and BS) is a competition dominated by Disruptor, Venomancer, and Pugna.


The biggest item changes are a rework of Tranquil Boots and Linken’s Sphere now being usable on allied heroes. Observer Wards now last one more minute, but grant a 50 gold bounty. Sentry Wards last an additional minute as well and its vision mechanics got changed. Healing Salves, Clarity Potions, and Tangos are no longer shareable (but can still be used on allies). Necronomicon and Mjollnier have been buffed decently. The remaining items have only gained small adjustments


Competitive Dota shifting

### 竞技性的转变

There’s no doubt that 6.79 will heavily influence the game is drafted and played. The most feared heroes are not that powerful anymore, other reinforced warriors and wizzards might leap into the metagame with their new or simply stronger abilities. Nevertheless its the general changes that might have the biggest impact on the playstyle. Especially the influence of the major buyback nerf is hard to foresee. But one thing is safe to say: The Dota 2 scene can look forward to new lineups and strategies from the pros in the near future.